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Non-Surgical Treatment

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Hoag Orthopedic Institute leads the way in both surgical and non-surgical knee treatments throughout Irvine and Orange County. We partner with experienced orthopedic surgeons who have sub-specialty expertise in treating knee disorders and providing restoration of mobility while eliminating pain.

There are a number of non-surgical treatments for knee pain, such as:

  • Orthotics and bracing
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Topical painkillers
  • Exercise
  • Use of heat and ice
  • Weight loss
  • Physical therapy

If you are experiencing osteoarthritis and these more common non-surgical treatments haven’t relieved the pain, you may be considered a candidate for an advanced non-surgical treatment for knee pain management known as viscosupplementation.

What is viscosupplementation & is it right for me?

The normal knee joint contains a small amount of fluid called synovial fluid, which is a thick, gel-like substance that cushions the joint and helps reduce friction. In osteoarthritis, the combination of the deterioration of the cartilage along with the loss of lubrication contributes to pain and stiffness, limitation of joint movement, swelling, and inflammation.

Viscosupplementation involves the injection of a naturally occurring viscoelastic agent into your knee joint to supplement the viscous properties of the synovial fluid. Injections can be given in one or both knees at the same time, depending on what your doctor determines to be the most beneficial. Furthermore, the product used will also impact whether you receive one to five shots over several weeks. Viscosupplementation has been shown to reduce or stop pain and improve mobility, with pain relief lasting as long as six months to a year.

At the Hoag Orthopedic Institute, you will find proven treatments that are on the leading edge of medical science. If you require non-surgical treatment of the knee, Hoag’s expertise in orthopedic medicine can provide the solution you are looking for.

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