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What Can Be Done to Strengthen Knees?

What Can Be Done to Strengthen Knees?

There are many exercises and activities that can help strengthen the muscles around the knee joint. What is important is that it works for your lifestyle, your level of fitness and they do not create more pain. General exercises include- Isometric exercises, active range of motion exercises, stretching, balance exercises and exercises for the hip, foot and ankle.


The Quadriceps, muscle in front of your thigh. Hamstring, muscle in back of your thigh. These muscles are designed to move and support the knee and the stronger they are, the better job they do at reducing strain around the knee and provide better shock absorption. It’s also a good idea to strengthen the muscles around the hip, foot and ankle.


Any exercises that increase pain around the knee. Individuals with a history of arthritis should avoid deep squats, stairs or high impact activities. These tend to create more wear and tear on the cartilage within the joint which leads to degenerative changes and inflammation.


Here are some exercises to help strengthen the knee. These exercises require little to no equipment and can be done at home or where there’s something stable to hold on to.

  • mini-squat.jpg

    Mini or partial squats with a chair or at a counter (quadriceps):Holding on to a chair or stable surface, with knees about shoulder width apart and pointing forward, slightly bend hips and knees as if sitting down on to a chair, and then slowly stand back up.

  • webmd_photo_of_hamstring_curl.jpg

    Standing Hamstring curls (hamstring): Holding on to the back of a chair or stationary surface, without moving hip, bend knee as far as possible.

  • Coverruninplace-3.jpg

    Marching in place (Hip flexors and a good balance exercise)Holding on to back of a chair or stationary object, take alternating steps in place, bringing knee up to a comfortable height.

  • heel_lifts.jpg

    Heel raises (calf muscle):Holding on to back of a chair or stable surface, rise up on toes, lifting heels of ground and then slowly lower back down.

  • Seated-Leg-Raise.jpg

    3-way straight leg raises if able to assume these positions (Hip muscles, Gluteus medius, maximus, hip adductors):While laying on your back, bend one leg, keep other leg as straight as possible and tighten muscles on top of thigh. Slowly lift straight leg 10 inches from the bend and hold. Slowly lower down. Reposition by lying on your side, involved leg on top, and lift straight leg towards ceiling and repeat 10 times. Reposition by lying on your stomach with a pillow under stomach for support, and lift straight leg towards ceiling.

  • Bridge-Exercise-for-Lower-Back1.jpg

    Bridging (gluteus medius and hamstrings):Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground or bed. Lift your bottom up as high as possible. Slowly lower back down.

Perform these exercises 10 repetitions each, 2-3 times a day. You can gradually increase repetition or frequency of exercises as long as they do not produce pain the following day.