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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Hoag Orthopedic Institute offers the expertise and experience of sub-specialty trained orthopedic surgeons covering knee replacement and reconstruction, arthroscopic knee surgery and cartilage disorders and restoration.

If non-surgical treatments have not provided improvement to your knee problems, you may benefit from arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery can be used to remove loose bodies, repair torn or damaged cartilage (meniscus tear), reconstruct torn ligaments and occasionally correct damage from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.

Knee arthroscopy is a procedure in which the joint is viewed using a small camera. During the surgery, general or local anesthesia is administered and small incisions are made allowing a thin optical device with a camera to be inserted into the knee. Sterile saline fluid is pumped into the knee joint so the surgeon can gain a clear view inside the knee capsule. The camera allows an orthopedic surgeon to diagnose and treat knee disorders and surgically correct a vast array of joint problems.

One of the leading edge arthroscopic surgeries performed at Hoag Orthopedic is meniscus repair and resection. The menisci are two areas of C-shaped cartilage that help maintain the stability of the knee joint. A meniscus tear may occur when the knee joint is bent and the knee is then twisted. Your surgeon will perform a meniscus repair to place the edges together with sutures or tacks, or if the tear is in the central portion of the meniscus it may be removed in a partial meniscectomy.

At Hoag, arthroscopic knee surgery is done on an outpatient basis for healthy patients, and in some cases can be done using local anesthesia. During and after your surgery the focus of the entire Hoag Orthopedic team will be on safety, pain management and the optimal outcome. You should be able to return to walking, yard work and other light activity one week after having knee arthroscopy.

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