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Back to Walking Without Pain

It was not like HOI did the surgery and then you’re done. They really cared about me and made sure that I was taken care of, that I knew how to recover, and what next steps I needed to take to get back to my activities.

Back to Moving Freely

I felt so great after surgery. From the first time I met Dr. Barnett to my day of surgery and discharge, I was treated with exceptional care and kindness.

Back to Walking

"I walked in with pain and walked out of HOI without pain. It really surprised me but I was able to walk without the walker after my first day at home and from there I just eased into activities based on my doctors’ direction."

Back to Wearing Heels

"After surgery, I don’t have to think twice about what shoes I can wear. My quality of life is better than before I ever had a bunion because at the end of the day, my feet are not hurting."

Back to Extreme Surfing

"It was refreshing to find a doctor who was thorough, confident and pro-sport. I have nothing but respect for my HOI surgeon. He did such a good job for me. He changed my life, and enabled me to have a lot of fun."

Back to Dog Walking

"I found a surgeon who knew I was a risk, but he took a chance on me. I made sure to follow every single instruction so I could get my shoulder back. And I did."

Back to Mobility and Me

"I’m glad I made that decision. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. My surgery went really well and now, just over a year later, I’ve got my life back. I am back to me and back to doing what I love, including riding with my husband."

Back to Show Jumping

"What a gift to have the absolute best in a group of specialists collaborating on putting me back together."

Back to Water Aerobics

"All of the caregivers I interfaced with gave me great encouragement and help."

Back to Enjoying Life

"Those surgeries were well done. It turns out they were the best thing I could have done for myself"

Back to Driving

"Even though I live in Riverside, I come to Orange County for care because you have to have confidence in your doctor and hospital,” says Pamela. “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."

Back to Boxing

"People ask me about my knee replacement and I tell them: surround yourself with the best people. My doctor and the HOI staff are definitely the best."

HOI and ProSport Get World-Class Soccer Player Back on the Field

"Recovery and rehab help to restore the confidence in your body and in your mind. Now, months out from my full recovery, I am leading our team in goals and playing with more intensity and competitiveness."

Back to Volleyball

"The first time I met the surgeon I felt a connection with him. He’s super cool and because I trusted him I wasn’t nervous at all."

Back to Savoring Every Day

"I’m so grateful for the doctors and nurses at Hoag Orthopedic Institute who gave me my life back."

Back to Programming and Play

"When I woke up after this last procedure I had zero pain. I almost panicked, wondering if they’d taken my arm, until I saw and wiggled my fingers."

Back to Being a Gamer

"The surgeon is like an artist. The incision scars blend into the creases of his hands, so you can’t even see them."

Back to Football

"Throughout my career I’ve seen plenty of doctors and surgeons, and this guy was one of the best I’ve seen."

Back to Skiing

"Having both knees replaced simultaneously is not right for everybody – we’re all different – but it was right for me."

Back to Mancations

“I have nothing but high praise for the folks at HOI. I never felt like a number. It was clear they knew what they were doing and that put me further at ease.”

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