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What to Expect After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The speed of your recovery will depend on many factors, such as pre-operation fitness, age, weight, and the discipline your show in following your exercise routines. Hoag Orthopedic Institute’s orthopedic dedicated physical therapists will help you begin your recovery by taking you through specific exercises to strengthen your hip and restore movement. Walking and light activity are important to your recovery and will begin the day of or the day after your surgery.

Arrange for Home Care Post-Operatively

Before going into the hospital, consider the support system you will have when you return home. You will need some assistance for the first few weeks with cooking, bathing, housekeeping, shopping, errands, etc. Do you have a caregiver, spouse, companion, friends or family member who will be able to help? If an adequate support system at home is not available, it may be appropriate to go to a skilled nursing facility. We recommend you check with your insurance and tour facilities ahead of time if there is no support that will be available.

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