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Outpatient Physical Therapy

Orange County Spine Rehabilitation

The Center for Spine at Hoag Orthopedic Institute is an award-winning orthopedic hospital and surgery center that takes a comprehensive approach to patient care. This means that our team of specialists leverage their insight on conditions affecting the neck, back and spine to help patients navigate all phases of their treatment. Given that physical therapy can be an effective course of non-surgical treatment and a means through which surgical patients can improve their mobility following procedures and ensure a faster recovery, we offer highly experienced outpatient physical therapy services tailored to the unique needs of our patients.

Types of Spine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy offered include:

  • Non-surgical treatment – In many cases, patients who experience pain affecting any area of the spine, as well as pain that radiates into the legs or arms, will first be treated using a non-surgical approach. For many, non-surgical treatment can be effective in reducing pain, improving mobility, and helping patients return to activity. It often consists of rest, pain management, and physical therapy. Customized plans can help patients target problematic areas, strengthen muscles, and improve balance. In addition to passive therapies such as heat/ice, electrotherapy, and ultrasound, physical therapy can also include rehabilitative exercise that may consist of stretching and gradual progression of activity.
  • Post-surgical treatment – Physical therapy is critical to helping the body heal properly after spine surgery. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help patients manage pain following a surgical procedure, minimize scar tissue, retrain muscles, improve stability, flexibility, and range of motion, and help avoid future injury. Surgical patients at the Center for Spine at Hoag Orthopedic Institute benefit from a dedicated spine nurse navigator who works closely with our physical therapy team to help prepare them for post-operation recovery. Our physical therapists always personalize plans according to the unique needs of patients.

Discuss Your Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Treatment Options with a Spine Surgeon

Physical therapy is a critical aspect of a patient’s overall health, and a key factor that can enable patients to return to the activities they love. This is why our team of specialists work closely with patients in an outpatient setting to guide them step by step through their physical therapy plan and maximize their recoveries.

Learn more about our physical therapy services or schedule an appointment with a spine doctor to discuss your treatment options by browsing our online physician directory.

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