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Cervical Arthroplasty

Artificial Disc Replacement

Cervical arthroplasty is a joint replacement procedure in which a spinal disc in the cervical spine (neck) is removed and replaced with an artificial disc. These prosthetic devices are designed to maintain motion in the neck, including rotation, flexion, and extension, when natural cervical discs deteriorate due to aging or damage.

At the Center for Spine at Hoag Orthopedic Institute, our board-certified Orange County spine surgeons have the training and expertise to perform the most innovative spine treatments using advanced techniques and technology. In addition, we provide the personalized care patients need to diagnose and understand their underlying condition, as well as the guidance to navigate their surgeries and recoveries.

Why Cervical Arthroplasty?

When conditions or damage to the spine cause bone spurs or the soft inner portion of cervical discs to protrude through the outer layer and into the spinal canal, they may place pressure on nerve roots or the spinal cord. This can create pain, numbness, weakness, and loss of mobility in the neck that may extend into the shoulders or arms.

Common problems that may lead to neck pain include:

In some cases, non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy and pain management may be effective in treating symptoms. However, more serious underlying conditions and severe pain that does not respond to conservative care may require cervical arthroplasty. The goal of cervical arthroplasty is to remove all or part of a damaged cervical disc (discectomy), alleviate pressure on nerve roots or spinal cord (decompression), and restore spinal stability and alignment once the injured disc has been removed.

How Cervical Arthroplasty is Performed

Cervical arthroplasty can be performed through a small incision in the front of the neck (anterior), which will allow a surgeon to remove a damaged disc, disc fragments, and / or bone spurs that impinge nerve roots or the spinal cord. After a natural disc and other fragments are removed, an artificial disc is inserted and secured into the intervertebral space.

In order to prepare our patients for surgical procedures, we pair them with a dedicated nurse navigator who educates them about the procedure and what to expect, as well as how to prepare themselves and their homes for a faster recovery. Our specialists work together to create post-operative recovery plans that may consist of pain management and physical therapy to optimize the healing process.

Find a Neck Doctor in Orange County

Neck doctors and nurses at the Center for Spine at Hoag Orthopedic Institute leverage their expertise to help patients live more active and healthy lives. If you have questions about cervical arthroplasty or wish to schedule an appointment with a specialist to discuss your treatment options, we invite you to use our online physician directory to find a neck surgeon!

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