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Dupuytren’s Contractures Treatment

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Dupuytren’s Contractures is the abnormal thickening of tissue just beneath the skin in the palm of the hand that gradually worsens over years. The affected fingers cannot straighten completely which can make everyday activities such as shaking hands or putting on gloves more challenging.

Symptoms of Dupuytren's Contractures

The cause of Dupuytren’s Contractures is unknown, but more commonly occurs in men then in women. It is also more likely to occur in people over 50 years old or more and of Northern European decent. Dupuytren’s contracture often runs in families so if there is a family history of this condition, it is more likely to occur. Smoking and alcohol use are linked with an increased risk of developing this condition. Most people suffering from Dupuytren’s Contractures experience the following symptoms:

  • Puckering or dimpling of the skin in the palm of the hand
  • A firm lump of skin may develop in the palm
  • Thick cords of skin may extend into the fingers
  • The two fingers farthest from the thumb are most commonly affected
  • Causes discomfort and finger contractures
  • Unable to lay hand flat on a table

Dupuytren's Contractures Diagnosis

A hand surgeon will perform a physical exam of the patient’s hand. If there are noticeable contractures in the hand further imaging such as X-Rays will be ordered to confirm the diagnosis.

Surgical Treatments for Dupuytren's Contractures

The only treatment for Dupuytren’s Contractures is Dupuytren’s Excision surgery. Seeking treatment early to help prevent the progression of severe contractures helps to ensure better outcomes for patients. Hand therapy is typically recommended post-operatively to ensure better range of motion and function following surgery.

Find a Hand Surgeon

If you have Dupuytren’s Contractures, early treatment helps ensure the best possible outcome. Our Board-Certified, fellowship-trained hand surgeons are experts at treating Dupuytren’s contractures. Hoag Orthopedic Institute is ranked as one of the top Orthopedic Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report in 2020-2021. Contact Hoag Orthopedic Institute today to schedule a consultation with one of our hand doctors.

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