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As COVID -19 Quarantine Closes Gyms, Time to Exercise at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has closed our gyms, but we can continue to stay in shape by continuing our exercising at home. Home workouts come with huge advantages. They relieve our stress, reduce the soreness and tension that result from sitting all ...

In A Time Of Coronavirus, What To Do If You Think You Broke A Bone Or Suffered An Orthopedic Injury

The coronavirus COVID-19 has drastically changed the way local health systems currently operate. But falls, mishaps and orthopedic injuries don’t take a vacation just because we’re quarantining at home. Many patients are asking when ...

Eat Right, Bite by Bite for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month® (NNM) and it is an annual nutrition education campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign invites the community to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and ...

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is the Official Orthopedic Care Provider for the 2020 Hoag Classic

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is the Official Orthopedic Care Provider for the 2020 Hoag Classic Hoag Orthopedic Institute has been a longtime sponsor of this golf tournament and is proud to be the official orthopedic care provider for the 2020 Hoag ...

Happy Holidays from Hoag Orthopedic Institute

Happy Holidays from Hoag Orthopedic Institute!

Let Christmas Lights Brighten Your Spirit, Not Break Your Back

Dr. Steven Barnett According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), each year there are 14,700 holiday decorating related ER-treated injuries. That’s an average of about 240 injuries per day during the holiday season! Hoag Orthopedic ...

Are You a Candidate for Same-Day Joint Replacement?

Imagine having hip replacement surgery in the morning, walking on your new hip shortly thereafter and then sleeping in your own bed the same evening. That scenario is not a pipedream, but a reality for many patients today, thanks to innovations in ...

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Being told that you need to have surgery can be a very daunting feeling. Knowing which questions to ask your surgeon in order to ensure you’re getting the right care and making the best choices for yourself is key. We spoke with Dr. Travis ...

National Women's Health & Fitness Day Dr. Emilia Ravski, DO

In honor of National Women’s Health & Fitness Day on September 25, 2019, we would like to focus on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women. We spoke with Dr. Emilia Ravski, sports medicine physician at ...

Common Swim Injuries and Staying Vigilant on Muscle Overuse this Summer: Q&A with Dr. David Gazzaniga

With summer well underway, one way to beat the heat and exercise is to swim. Swimming is a great sport for all ages. Whether it’s recreational swimming in your backyard or community pool, or more competitive team swimming, it’s important ...

Football Pre-Season Prep and Preventing Injuries Q&A with Dr. David Gazzaniga

With professional, collegiate and high school football season on the horizon and many teams getting ready for their summer training camps, Dr. David Gazzaniga, Hoag Orthopedic Institute affiliated orthopedic surgeon and one of the team physicians ...

Stair Climbing: Safe or Scary?

Stair climbing is a unique exercise that is not only beneficial to your body, but also your bank account. Whether you’re climbing the stairs on a machine, or getting some fresh air outside, here are some helpful tips and insight from Dr. Adam ...

2019 Nurse of the Year: Sara Elia

Hoag Orthopedic Institute’s 2019 Nurse of the Year, Sara Elia, RN, BSN, is recognized for her professional and clinical excellence. She serves as a mentor and leader to her peers in the orthopedic post-surgical care unit. Sara originally joined ...

With injuries on the rise, fireworks safety is a big priority this 4th of July

Did you know the most common firework-related injuries are on the hands? Orthopedic hand surgeon Dr. Ying Chi spoke to Living 101 to provide tips on avoiding firework-related injuries and stay out of the emergency room this Fourth of July. Fresh data ...

The 411 on Hip Bursitis: What is It, How is It Treated, and Can Exercises Help?

You’ve just been diagnosed with hip bursitis. You might be thinking, “what is it?” “How did I get it?” “How is it treated?” “Can I still exercise?!” We sat down with Dr. Travis Scudday, an ...

Dr. Robert Grumet Weighs In on Kevin Durant's NBA Finals Injury

Many watched as Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant fell to the floor during Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. Durant had been sidelined since May 8, after he had strained his right calf during Game 5 of the Warrior’s ...

Non-Clinical Skills Every Spine Surgeon Should Have

Joshua Schwind, M.D. While it’s important for any surgeon to have the necessary clinical skills used to perform their jobs, there are key skills beyond clinical care every spine surgeon should have to ensure excellence. We sat down with Dr. ...

Measles Update

Measles cases continue to be identified in California and across the U.S. Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by the measles (rubeola) virus. The symptoms (fever, fatigue, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis/pink eye) usually begin ...

Unique Coordinated Care is Key Differentiator for OC Soccer Club Players

In late January, Hoag Orthopedic Institute and ProSport Physical Therapy and Performance announced their partnership, but they have been providing coordinated care to the Orange County Soccer Club for some time now. Both HOI and ProSport are well ...

National Nutrition Month 2019 | 7 Steps to Simplify Eating & Exercise Habits

March is National Nutrition Month® and it is a great time to remind us all of the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and exercise habits. Hoag Orthopedic Institute's registered dietitian nutritionist, Reema ...

Exercise Over 50

For any age, regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. As people get older, chronic injuries and health problems may become more limiting in terms of how much and what types of activity are best. Before starting a new ...

Join Team HOI for the 2019 Walk to Cure Arthritis at Angel Stadium Saturday, May 18th

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is proud to be the signature sponsor for the 2019 Walk to Cure Arthritis event being held on Saturday, May 18th at Angel Stadium. Dr. Dave Shukla is this year’s medical honoree. This event welcomes residents, ...

Can Glue Be Used to Treat Broken Bones?

A new study out of Sweden has found that doctors maybe able to glue broken bones back together. Dr. Dave Shukla was interviewed by The Doctors to help explain. While it’s very early to say, Dr. Shukla believes there is promise in this study. ...

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is the Official Orthopedic Care Provider for the Hoag Classic

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is the Official Orthopedic Care Provider for the Hoag Classic For 20 years, Toshiba has hosted one of the finest stops on the PGA Tour of Champions. This year marks the inaugural year of Hoag assuming the title sponsorship ...

Hoag Orthopedic Institute Partners with ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance to Expand Musculoskeletal Health Footprint in Southern California

IRVINE, Calif. (January 22, 2019) – Hoag Orthopedic Institute (HOI), one of the largest providers of orthopedic care in the nation, has announced it has entered into a partnership with Costa Mesa, California-based ProSport Physical Therapy ...

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