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Meet our 2021 Nurse of the Year: Claire Barrett-Toth

Meet our 2021 Nurse of the Year: Claire Barrett-Toth

Hoag Orthopedic Institute recently named Claire Barrett-Toth, RN, BSN as the 2021 Nurse of the Year. She is recognized by her peers and patients for exceptional orthopedic care in the pre-operative care unit and for her work in quality on the Unit Practice Council.

“Claire’s quiet, approachable demeanor defines humility in the kindest way,” shares Renee Adams, MSN, RN, HOI’s manager of the Pre-Op and PACU. “As a member of the Hoag family for over 23 years, she owns delivery of patient care as the highest priority and exemplifies each one of Hoag's Nursing Care Values: compassion for patients, family, and co-workers in an extraordinary manner.”

Claire served as an RN at Hoag for nearly 20 years before joining HOI in 2017. She said she always knew she wanted to go into nursing and was encouraged to do so by her family members, many whom work in nursing and health care.

“I love speaking with my patients, getting to know them and I feel good knowing that I am able to help them,” Claire shared.

Claire’s peers share that she always advocates for her patients and is an early adopter of any new process that improves patient care. Her positive attitude, warm smile (behind the mask during COVID), and positivity radiate in all that she does.

“I love the people I work with,” shared Claire. “We have a great team of nurses and I love how organized and efficient HOI is.”

During 2020, Claire led several initiatives including the documentation organizational goal, which lead the Pre-op department to 100% final compliance. This year, she is the unit champion collaborating with members of the committee in developing organization stigma training associated with opioid dependence.

Claire loves hiking with her friends and camping with her husband and son.

About the HOI Nurse of the Year Award:

The Nurse of the Year Award recognizes one individual for representing and exemplifying the following qualities:

• Professional and Clinical Excellence

• Patient Advocacy and Compassion

• Patient Satisfaction

• Teacher

• Professional Image

• Community Service

• Interdisciplinary Relationships