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Why Having Proper Posture Is Important

  • Category: Orthopedic Health
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  • Written By: Hoag Orthopedic Institute

The body is designed to bear its own weight. While that may sound like an obvious fact, it seems to beg the question: why do so many people seem to take pain for granted? Back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain—these are all symptomatic of an issue involving the body’s ability to function. If the body is designed to bear its own weight, then why are so many bodies failing to do it without pain or stress?

Many chiropractic centers and fitness trainers alike have identified the problem: poor posture. Posture is simply another word for positioning your body in the way it was meant to used. It involves aligning your muscles, bones, joints, and even your organs in a way that’s conducive to maximum efficiency.

Poor posture is both the cause and result of imbalanced distribution of weight across your body’s musculoskeletal system. Imbalance means that some joints and muscles will become overstressed and tightened, experiencing damage over time. At the same time, other muscles will weaken from lack of use. Lack of posture will often begin with over-relaxed positioning while sitting, but then poor posture will snowball as your body becomes accustomed to the imbalance.

Organ function is even affected by poor posture. Your organs are placed within your body in specific regions with enough space to function—compression from bad posture will cause them to function with less space, resulting in low effectiveness. Some doctors believe that poor posture can lead to digestive issues such as acid reflux, and can lead to hernias long-term.

If you are unsure of your posture, briefly check your body’s position in the mirror. Stand in the way you normally do, and check for symmetry. Are your shoulders hanging equally? Are your hips? Do your knees face the same direction as each other, and you ankles as well? Adjusting your posture throughout the day can help rebuild your lost muscle strength, restoring good posture to your body. As an added bonus, it can even take weight off your appearance and give you confidence!

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