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Staff of the Season - Winter 2015

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Hoag Orthopedic Institute would like to thank these wonderful staff members for their outstanding work!

Dr. Nam Kim

Dr. Nam Kim is a one of our amazing hospitalists here at HOI. The staff voted him as our Clinician of the Season by a landslide. If you ask any one of our staff what they think of Dr. Kim they will all undoubtedly smile and say they love him. Dr. Kim is a caring, friendly and responsive clinician. He can often be found rounding on his patients with computer in tow, which allows him to input orders immediately. Most of our staff describe what a pleasure he is to work with and how knowledgeable and diligent he is with his patients.

This season we had a tie for our Employee of the Season. Usually we would put the two to a vote and choose one but the staff loved both candidates so much that they overwhelmingly decided they wanted both.

Alvin Monteza (not pictured) is an RN at HOI that has been with Hoag for 10 years. He is adored by his peers and is described as a pleasure to work with, a valuable resource and is always helpful to others. His patients love his warm, easygoing nature and the staff appreciates his calm and conscientious demeanor.  He will never outwardly express frustration or stress and always finds time to lend a hand.

Michael Price

Michael Price is a PCA new to HOI this year, but he has made quite an impression with his patients and co-workers. He is one of our hardest working PCAs. No matter what the situation, Michael approaches it with a smile; he is the very definition of a team player. He is friendly, easygoing and he puts his patients at ease. He has been a valuable addition to our unit.