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Hoag Orthopedic Institute Photo Contest Winners

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In celebration of the Grand Opening of Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute, thousands of community members participated in a photo contest inspired by the nearby Mountains to Sea Trail, a 22-mile route with a 93,000-acre area traversing Irvine Ranch from Weir Canyon to Upper Newport Bay.  This pictorial landmark has inspired the use of various design elements that have been incorporated into the architectural design of Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute.


Photos from the competition have been added to the finishing touches of the hospital's interior.

2013-06-12 09.07.04

Congratulations to the following members of our community whose photos can now be seen on the walls at Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute. We thank them for their time and talents.

Kathleen Adams
Mark S. Joos
Nancy Albright
Greg May
Tina Anjozian
Analia Castro Beeck
Colleen Bevacqua
Gene Bram
Kristy Burmeister
Michael Cahill
Amanda M. Castle-Sliwinski
Stanley Chen
Tim Copeland
John Corney
Christy Culp
Kathleen Davidson
Carol Davies
Changwei Dean
Yi-Hsien Doo
Michael Dresser
Cory Eastman
David Eras
Bob Everett
Jack Fancher
Suzie Fernandez
Karen Fogarty
Jack Freeman
Caryn L. Gallegos
Ryan Gooding
Andrew Halbeck
Patrick Hickey
Craig Incardone
Indy Iskander
Susan Johnston
Elissa Mayo-Thompson
Linda Miller
Carrie N. Mines
Sue Moon
Calvin Mousse
Yeong Nam
Steve Nguyen
Elena Northroup
Patrick Nunes
Willoughby H. Peterson
Ken Pfeifer
Rita Popp
Kevin Quinn
Bill Quiram
Chuan Ren, MD
Steve Robinson
Janice Roby
Marc Rouyer
Mary Schmidt
Kathy B. Shapiro
Dick Shaughnessey
Peter Sims
Nirav Solanki
Jennfier Stankovits
Kim Swanson, MD
Anita Swigart
Regine Trias
Elizabeth Vervynck
Alicia Warwick
Jennifer Wilkens
Matt Zaengle