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Conservative or Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatments

Orthopedic Shoulder Specialists in Orange County

As the body’s most mobile joint, the shoulder is highly susceptible to injury and instability. While conditions and disorders of the shoulder can vary, many are first treated using conservative care or non-surgical treatment approaches designed to reduce shoulder pain and increase range of motion without the need for surgical intervention.

If you have been experiencing shoulder pain and reduced mobility that has caused a marked reduction in your ability to handle daily tasks, enjoy activities or sports, or be fully independent, determining the underlying cause and appropriate treatment is the first step toward restoring your active lifestyle. At Hoag Orthopedic Institute, our leading orthopedic and shoulder specialists strive to achieve just that.

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Types of Conservative or Non-Surgical Treatments

Through the use of innovative technology and state-of-the art facilities, our orthopedic certified and / or specialized team of sports medicine doctors, physical medicine & rehabilitation physiatrists,technicians, nurses, and therapists can accurately diagnose the cause of shoulder pain and mobility issues in the shoulder. Based on these findings, various forms of conservative and non-surgical care may be used to create a customized plan for treating your symptoms, including:

  • Medications – The use of medications, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or prescription medicines, can help treat shoulder pain, inflammation, and address problems such as muscle spasms.
  • Physical Therapy – Shoulder conditions and injuries can be treated effectively through the use of physical therapy, including stretching and strengthening exercises designed to increase range of motion in the shoulder joint, and prevent future shoulder problems. Physical therapy can be personalized to patients as they heal and manage symptoms and after surgery to promote recovery and rehabilitation, maintain movement, and reduce future complications.
  • Injections – In some cases, patients may be treated with steroid injections, corticosteroids, or prp injections into the shoulder to reduce swelling and pain.

Because joints, muscles, and tendons work together to allow for flexibility of the shoulder, treating shoulder conditions and injuries requires a comprehensive approach focused on support and stability. This is why our specialists work as a team to develop conservative care and physical therapy programs tailored uniquely to patients. While such an approach can prove effective in treating shoulder conditions, managing shoulder pain, and increasing mobility, surgery may be required to correct some problems.

Learn More About Shoulder Treatments with Hoag Orthopedic Institute

Because Hoag Orthopedic Institute is committed to providing comprehensive, patient-focused care, we have the ability to expertly assess patients, develop non-surgical treatment programs, and evaluate the need for surgical repair using a range of innovative and minimally invasive surgical techniques performed by leading surgeons.

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