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Importance of Telehealth in COVID-19 Crisis ft. Dr. Alan Beyer

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Alan Beyer, MD, orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and executive medical director at HOI, shared about the importance of telemedicine during this pandemic, and it's staying power, as long as quality is maintained, with LA Times and Daily Pilot:

“Like everything, it’s always about quality,” said Dr. Alan Beyer, a founding partner and executive medical director of Hoag Orthopedic Institute. “If the quality doesn’t suffer and you can do just as good a job, why don’t we do it in a way that’s convenient for people?”

Beyer said he is still seeing about a third of his patients, and about a third of that third is through telehealth.

“If it’s a new patient, forget about it,” he said, of those with recent injuries. “But rechecks, if you’re a few months out from surgery, you can use a phone to show me your knee so I can see how the incision looks. I can see how the knee moves.”

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