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Dr. Travis Scudday Lists Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Surgery

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Help your loved one prepare for an operation and quick recovery.

If you have a family member who's preparing for surgery, it's a good idea to accompany him or her to a pre-procedure visit with the surgeon, and not just to provide emotional support, says Dr. Diya Alaedeen, a general surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. Many patients he's performed surgery on were extremely anxious or even in a state of shock over the prospect of their imminent procedure and retained little or none of the information he provided, Alaedeen says. "Loved ones can help with that." It's a good idea for a relative or close friend of someone scheduled for surgery to accompany the patient to ask questions and take notes. "Often, the patient remembers one thing: surgery," Alaedeen says. "Loved ones may be able to remember the answers the surgeon is providing better than the patient."

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