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Why I Ride Series: Eric Martinez, RN

Why I Ride Series: Eric Martinez, RN

Leading up to the inaugural Back to You Bike Ride Presented by Hoag Orthopedic Institute (HOI) in partnership with OC Wheelmen on November 18, HOI staff and supporters are sharing “Why I Ride” and the importance that road cycling has to them.

HOI Operating Room Manager Eric Martinez, BSN, RN shared that his interest in road biking increased after joining HOI in 2012 and it's now something he enjoys sharing with his family.

“I have always been interested in cycling and began riding a fixed gear, single speed bicycle to and from work after college,” Eric shared. “When I began working at HOI in 2012, I met the rest of the Operating Room, including Dr. Barnett and Dr. Gorab, who were avid cyclists and started going on rides on the weekends with them.”

Eric said that as the rides started getting longer and faster, he decided to get his first real road bike.

“Since then, I have been riding with the HOI team completing some great rides including Glendora Mountain Road, the Palm Springs Century and the Mammoth Gran Fondo,” he said.

Eric shared that cycling is a huge part of his life. “Cycling allows me to get outside, raise my heart rate and spend time with friends and coworkers, as well as set challenges for myself and work towards completing them on the bike.” He adds that living in Irvine helps as there is perfect cycling weather year-round.

“My recent greatest cycling joy has been riding with my twin 5-year-old boys,” Eric shared. “They were quick to learn how to ride a bike and we have now started completing 10-mile rides as a family. I love watching them experience the joy of being free on the bike and exploring new trails.”

Eric also adds that he enjoys biking on the trails in Orange County and appreciates the surrounding nature. He also enjoys big, organized rides that bring people together to share the joy of cycling.

“I am looking forward to the upcoming HOI Back to You Bike Ride as it will bring the community together around a shared form of exercise,” Eric said. “I’m excited to see past HOI patients all come together to get back to doing something they love and sharing their story with the rest of the community.”

To learn more about the Back to You Bike Ride, benefiting Hoag Orthopedics, the research and non-profit arm of HOI, please visit Also check out the family ride options!