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5 Exercises You Can Do With Your Spouse

As you age, taking care of your body becomes more important, and yet more difficult as well. With aches and pains, low energy levels, and loss of flexibility, it can be hard to motivate yourself to take up any significant physical activity. Fortunately, physical activity doesn’t need to be equated with a gym or strenuous exercise class. Over time, low-impact exercises can have just as positive of an effect on your health as a rigorous regimen. The best part? Working out is always better with a partner, so we’ve compiled a list of exercises you can enjoy with your spouse!

1. Take Up Walking

Our pro tip? Start simple. If you and your spouse haven’t been very active lately, walking is a fantastic avenue to further exercise, or a healthy activity all on its own! Walking is low-impact, yet can still get your heart pumping and build up muscle mass. It’s also easy to track your and your spouse’s progress. Aim to increase your walking time by a couple of minutes every outing until you can take a 60-minute walk without stopping. If it’s beautiful outside, enjoy a relaxing evening walk with your spouse. If it’s rainy outside, you have an excuse for a window-shopping date at the mall! Consistent movement will make huge differences in your health.

2. Dance the Night Away

If walking doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps some groovy moves will. Most communities have dance classes available either through a recreation center or a local dance studio. This is not only a chance to build up your health, but it is also a wonderful team-building exercise with your spouse. Dancing has all the benefits of walking, but with a focus on coordination and balance. Improving in these areas may prevent serious falls caused by a lack of balance later on in life.

3. Become a Zen Master

Dancing is certainly not for everyone, but who couldn’t use a bit of the stress relief associated with a low-impact exercise class? You and your spouse can reap huge benefits from enrolling in a yoga, pilates, or tai chi program. It’s not just for trendy folk anymore. Many centers offer classes for older individuals that focus on improving flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. A majority of poses can be modified for individuals with location-specific injuries, such as the back, arms, or legs. For individuals who aren’t mobile at all, seated yoga classes are also available in many areas. These classes are a great way for you and your spouse to de-stress, relax, and even meet new friends!

4. Bike the Boardwalk

Living around Irvine means you are close enough to head out to the beach, where bike rentals are commonplace. Weekends are filled with tourists and locals alike enjoying the simple pleasure of cycling along a boardwalk in good weather. Even if you don’t feel like trekking out to a nearby boardwalk, riding a bicycle is still an excellent cardio exercise because of its muscle toning capabilities and low impact on the joints. Cycling also makes for a fun adventure with your spouse, whether just around the neighborhood or along the coast. In inclement weather, check out a local gym and use a few of their bicycle machines. Biking in a gym gives you the option to read a book or watch a show while you work out.

5. Just Keep Swimming

Swimming allows you to condition your whole body with the least amount of impact. For some, swimming laps might sound like an attractive exercise option. For the rest of, pools still offer more interactive classes like water aerobics or aqua jogging. Consistently attending these classes has been shown to improve individual’s body composition and reduce their lower back pain. You and your spouse can enjoy the social benefits of these classes, as well as the physical benefits.

Take the First Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Before beginning any of these programs, it is important for you and your spouse to consult a physician and make sure your safety and health is made a priority. Many programs can be adapted to meet you at your starting point and work with you to improve your overall health. Don’t let age keep you from enjoying physical activity—instead, consider how you and your spouse can become involved in an exercise program together! Your next years could be your best.