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Motion is Life!

  • Category: News, Orthopedic Health
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  • Written By: Jennifer Brandon, PT, MPT, GCS, Rehab Supervisor
Motion is Life!

With spring here, it is the perfect time to renew your commitment to get up and get moving! Below are some ways in which you can quickly rejuvenate and focus on your health - again.

  • Focus and prioritize yourself. Pick an hour each day to focus on your health. If you can’t commit to an hour, commit to 30 minutes and add time in gradually. Start small or start big. Just start!
  • Get creative. For example, park your car at the end of the shopping center parking lot and then walk further. Take the stairs at work. Call a friend as you walk around the block.
  • Buy something new that’s health related. Figure out that one thing that will help motivate you. This doesn’t mean you need to break the bank; it could be something inexpensive like a new water bottle, hiking backpack or even just a fitness app.
  • Find a friend. Keep moving with someone else. Instead of going to grab coffee or dinner, meet your partner or a friend at a park to walk and talk.
  • Set a goal and then reward yourself. Have you ever considered doing a 5k? Commit to something that stretches your mind and you thought you could never do. Have you ever ran or walked a 5k? Register for one and do it.
  • Be an inspiration. Commit to yourself and ask others to make that commitment with you – moving can be contagious.
  • Get back in the game. Did you play a sport as a child or in high school? Give it a try again. Pick up that old tennis racket and hit a few balls or blow the dust off that basketball in the garage.

Regardless of what it is, just do it. Get moving and get that body in motion. You will be glad you did!