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Team HOI Cyclers Take it to the Streets

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Team HOI Cyclers Take it to the Streets

Cycling is a fun, healthy hobby enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around the world. It's particularly enjoyable for Southern Californians who enjoy nearly year-round nice weather. As an exercise, cycling is great for cardio, has low joint impact, and helps people gain strength and endurance. It also makes a good group fitness activity and takes people to new beautiful places.

HOI staff loves cycling so much that it started a team. Let us know if you’d like to join!

Here's a list of the current Team HOI Cyclers:

  • Robert Gorab
  • Robert Cho
  • Wally Peck
  • Russ Petrie
  • Andrew Gerken
  • Steve Barnett
  • Carlos Prietto
  • Scott Fischer
  • Miguel Prietto
  • Klane Hales
  • Dave Colliflower
  • Sandy Smith
  • Jack Cox
  • Christian McIlwain
  • Harvey Matias
  • Eric Martinez
  • Gib Yancey
  • Yuji Hishiki
  • Jason Florendo
  • Neal Becerra
  • Ryan de Santis
  • Michael Marks
  • Thomas Hutchinson
  • Dereesa Reid