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Lynne Hill Wins Coveted Daisy Award

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Nominations for The DAISY Award are written by fellow RNs, patients, family members, physicians, and staff. They take the time to do so because they have been, in some way, impacted by what the nurses they are nominating do and who they are. Having read over a thousand “winning nominations,” here is how we would describe the extraordinary work DAISY nurses do every day:

  • DAISY Nurses are the kind of nurses about whom other RNs say, “I would want this nurse to take care of my mother.”
  • DAISY Nurses have assessment skills so acute that they spot the tiny changes in a patient’s symptoms or behavior that monitors cannot detect, often leading to life-saving action.
  • DAISY Nurses are, when patients and families are most upset, always calm, focused, communicative, and comforting.
  • DAISY Nurses are often nominated by the new grads they are precepting. These young RN’s know they are being trained by a nurse who leads by example and exemplifies who a nurse truly is: a highly skilled clinician, a true patient advocate, a dedicated mentor, an insightful educator, a sensitive caregiver.
  • DAISY Nurses are consummate team players, and their colleagues feel working with them is a “gift”.
  • DAISY Nurses don’t “pass the buck.” They are decisive and involved, doing what is required and then some, often working outside their comfort zone when a situation necessitates it.
  • DAISY Nurses know that “the little things” can make a big difference in their patients’ care and outcomes. In fact, there are no “little things” in patient care.
  • DAISY Nurses are persistent. When their well-honed judgment speaks to them, they act persuasively – even when a physician disagrees with them or a patient says, “No, I’m fine.”
  • DAISY Nurses are not only nurses when they are on duty. They are nurses in supermarkets, in their hospitals’ parking lots, in restaurants at dinner with their families, on airplanes – intervening and caring for total strangers who are in trouble.
  • DAISY Nurses meet the needs of their patients not only by providing excellent nursing care but also paying close attention to the emotional and psychological needs of their patients. They treat each patient as a human being who has a personality, a history, a time of good health and strength, value and dignity.
  • DAISY Nurses are entrusted with the lives and care of children, and the comfort and kindness these nurses show help their parents get through their worst nightmare – a child dreadfully ill or injured.
  • DAISY Nurses know that taking the time for compassionate communication can help a family make a good decision for their loved one. DAISY Award honorees in the busiest units say to themselves often, “I have the time.”
  • DAISY Nurses, on their own time, with their own money, do special things for their patients’ children, for patients who are indigent, for families who are desperate.
  • DAISY Nurses don’t let their personal situations interfere with their ability to deliver professional, skillful, compassionate care, even when they are dealing with their own tragedies.

DAISY Nurses are the nurses about whom patients have written to hospital administrators, “Every day she/he was my nurses was a ”good day.”

Lynn Hill accepting Daisy award

Lynne Hill is HOI’s spine nurse navigator. She has been a boisterous and passionate advocate for her patients. Lynne has many years of experience, with a focus on the spine patients. She has shared her wealth of knowledge with patients, physicians and staff at both Hoag and Hoag Orthopedic Institute. She is the consummate nurse, always looking for the connection with the patients and their family. She moves easily between patient and staff education, through dressing changes, orthotic education and even clearing meal trays. Lynne continues to amaze all of us with her ability to juggle so many priorities for her patients, give her TLC and continue to laugh. Her laughter resonates through the halls as she jokes and cheers her patients and all of us on to better care.