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Michael P. Weinstein, M.D.

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About Dr. Michael P. Weinstein

Michael P. Weinstein, M.C., F.A.C.O.S., is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in neck and back surgery, rehabilitation, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. He has been a member of the Hoag staff and has been involved with Hoag Orthopedics since he began his private practice in 1987.

Dr. Weinstein graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He then completed his orthopedic residency at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York where he was Chief Resident in Orthopedics.

He came to California to complete a fellowship training in neck and back surgery at the Wiltse Spine Clinic in Long Beach, California. Soon after he went into private practice in Newport Beach, California.

“Dr. Weinstein remains on the forefront in new surgical techniques for neck and back problems.”
Dr. Weinstein has been actively involved in many orthopedic societies and has authored numerous papers and presentations on neck and back rehab and surgical procedures along with sports medicine. He is currently involved with several clinical research projects.

Dr. Weinstein is actively involved in the community. He is the team physician for Sage Hill High School and has been involved in the Boys’ Club of Newport Beach. Over the years he has coached many teams in soccer and basketball.

Dr. Weinstein remains on the forefront in new surgical techniques for neck and back problems and in preserving an individual’s active lifestyle as well as maintaining function and quality of life, first through education and exercise and when necessary with surgical procedures.

Affiliations HOI Surgery Center - Newport Beach
Education Medical Education - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Medical Doctor)
Internship - Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh (General Surgery)
Residency - State University of New York at Syracuse (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Fellowship - Kaiser Orange County Medical Center (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Fellowship - Long Beach Medical Center (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
Conditions Treated
  • Wrist Tendonitis (Hand & Wrist)
  • Hand Arthritis (Hand & Wrist)
  • Runner's Knee / Chondromalacia Patella (Sports Medicine)
  • Thoracic Conditions (Spine & Neck)
  • Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis (Elbow)
  • Hip Arthritis (Hip)
  • Whiplash (Spine & Neck)
  • Sprained Ankle / Ankle Sprain (Foot & Ankle)
  • Bicep Tendonitis (Shoulder)
  • Kyphosis (Spine & Neck)
  • Cervical Fracture (Spine & Neck)
  • Facet Joint Syndrome (Spine & Neck)
  • Spinal Stenosis (Spine & Neck)
  • Elbow Sports Injuries (Elbow)
  • Spondylolysis (Spine & Neck)
  • MCL Injury / Medial Collateral Ligament (Sports Medicine)
  • Ulnar Neuropathy (Elbow)
  • AC Joint Separation (Shoulder)
  • Carpal Tunnel (Hand & Wrist)
  • Coccydynia / Tailbone Pain (Spine & Neck)
  • Sprains and Strains (Sports Medicine)
  • Radiculopathy / Pinched Nerve (Spine & Neck)
  • Spinal Deformities (Spine & Neck)
  • Shoulder Arthritis (Shoulder)
  • Shoulder Impingement (Shoulder)
  • Muscle Strain (Spine & Neck)
  • SI Joint Pain / Sacroiliac Joint Pain (Hip)
  • Hip Pain (Hip)
  • IT Band Syndrome / Iliotibial Band Syndrome (Knee)
  • Pinched Nerve (Elbow)
  • Sprained Wrist (Hand & Wrist)
  • Traumatic Spinal Injury (Spine & Neck)
  • Post-Laminectomy Syndrome (Spine & Neck)
  • Golfer's Elbow (Sports Medicine)
  • Bursitis of the Hip / Hip Bursitis / Trochanteric Bursitis (Hip)
  • Myelopathy / Spinal Cord Injury (Spine & Neck)
  • Golfer's Elbow / Medial Epicondylitis (Elbow)
  • Degenerative Joint Disease of the Hip (Hip)
  • Cervical Stenosis (Spine & Neck)
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis / Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder (Shoulder)
  • Shoulder Bursitis (Shoulder)
  • Arthritis (Spine & Neck)
  • Tennis Elbow (Sports Medicine)
  • Scoliosis (Spine & Neck)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease (Spine & Neck)
  • Jammed Finger (Hand & Wrist)
  • Anterior Knee Pain (Knee)
  • Meniscus Tear (Knee)
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee / Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee)
  • Strained Hip (Hip)
  • Separated Shoulder (Shoulder)
  • Slipped Disc (Spine & Neck)
  • Ankle Sprain (Sports Medicine)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy (Spine & Neck)
  • Bicep Tendon Rupture / Tear (Elbow)
  • Degenerative Back and Neck Disorders (Spine & Neck)
  • Elbow Tendonitis (Elbow)
  • Trigger Finger (Hand & Wrist)
  • Knee Pain (Knee)
  • Spondylolisthesis (Spine & Neck)
  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries (Elbow)
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Elbow)
  • Neuropathic Pain (Spine & Neck)
  • Compression Fracture from Osteoporosis (Spine & Neck)
  • Rotator Cuff Injury / Rotator Cuff Tear (Shoulder)
  • Sprained Finger (Hand & Wrist)
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) (Spine & Neck)
  • Tendinosis (Elbow)
  • Osteoarthritis of the Spine / Spine Osteoarthritis (Spine & Neck)
  • SI Joint Pain / Sacroiliac Joint Pain (Spine & Neck)
  • Sciatica (Spine & Neck)
  • Patellar Tendonitis / Patella Tendonitis (Sports Medicine)
  • Herniated Disc (Spine & Neck)
  • Sprained Elbow (Elbow)
  • De Quervain's Disease (Hand & Wrist)
  • Knee Tendonitis (Knee)
  • Degenerative Joint Disease of the Knee (Knee)
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Knee)
  • Chondromalacia (Knee)
  • Separated Shoulder (Sports Medicine)
  • Bulging Disc (Spine & Neck)
  • Elbow Bursitis (Elbow)
  • Acute Spinal Fracture (Spine & Neck)
  • Hamstring Strain (Sports Medicine)
  • Osteoarthritis of the HIp / Hip Osteoarthritis (Hip)
  • Back Pain (Spine & Neck)
  • Triceps Tendonitis (Elbow)
  • Lateral Epicondylitis (Elbow)
  • Shoulder Tendonitis (Shoulder)
  • Failed Laminectomy Syndrome (Spine & Neck)
  • Olecranon Bursitis (Elbow)
  • Ruptured Disc (Spine & Neck)
  • Sciatica (Hip)
  • Knee Arthritis (Knee)
  • Patellar Tendinitis (Knee)
  • Meniscus Tear / Meniscal Tear (Sports Medicine)
  • Strained Elbow (Elbow)
  • Biceps Tendonitis (Elbow)
  • Knee Bursitis / Goosefoot (Knee)
  • Neck Sprain (Spine & Neck)
  • Achilles Tendonitis (Foot & Ankle)
  • Herniated Disc Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Spine Surgery