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Newest Advances in Total Joint Replacement
Nov 18, 2010

Dr. James Caillouette, holder of seven patents for medical and orthopedic technology, discusses ways that hip and knee replacement procedures have been improved in recent years. He describes numerous advances, including how ultrasonic energy, ...

Options For Joint Replacement at Any Age
Nov 18, 2010

Dr. James Caillouette explains that advances in total joint replacement have allowed for rapid recovery after the procedure. He goes into how the surgical procedure has been redesigned and how advances have been made in managing discomfort and ...

Prevention of Common Sports Injuries
Nov 18, 2010

Dr. Alan Beyer provides fascinating answers to questions on a number of topics. The interview covers advice and techniques for preventing sports injuries, dealing with ACL tears, advances in total knee replacement, physical therapy, pain management ...

Tips For Protecting your Joints
Nov 18, 2010

Dr. Nicholas Yaru speaks on about joint problems and describes how to determine that a joint problem is occurring. He points out life style changes that can help to protect joints that are showing signs of injury. Dr. Yaru also ...

Older Event
Jan 10, 2010

Won’t show up since the date has expired.

155 results found. Viewing page 7 of 7. Go to page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7