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Education & Research

The Orthopedic Education and Research Institute (OERI) is a non-profit organization (501c3) that was founded by physicians at HOI. Physician participants desire to enhance the quality of life for those patients affected by musculoskeletal disease. This is achieved through a variety of means including, but not limited to, the practice of excellence in patient care.

Vision Statement

Enhance HOI’s clinical reputation by becoming a significant difference maker in regards to research that achieves national and international recognition as a superior hospital for clinical research programs while educating orthopedic surgeons, patients, and ancillary providers.

Mission Statement

Conduct meaningful research, education, and cutting-edge clinical care in orthopedics to improve health and quality of life for our patients while disseminating our findings and knowledge to other health care providers to benefit all patients.


We are actively involved in medical research and support multiple projects teamed with industry leaders and innovators to develop new orthopaedic treatment modalities based on scientific methodology. This will lead to improved patient outcomes and world-class orthopedic care.


In addition to research, education will be a focus to support fellowship training. Research and resident education is equally important to train the next generation of skilled surgeons. Financial support for this endeavor is achieved only though generous donations to the institute.


The following are programs within the Orthopedic Education and Research Institute:

  • Education Program
  • Research Fellowship Program
  • Spine Program
  • Sports Medicine Program
  • Total Joints Program


For more information and to donate, please email C.C. Hafner at